Plastic Rehal 5 Inches 5RP


Size: 24.99 x 12.50 x 1.50 CM
Paper Quality: Select
Sale price Rs.178.00


The Plastic Rehal, sized at 5 inches, is a compact and lightweight stand designed for holding and displaying the holy Quran during recitation or study. Made from durable plastic material, this rehal offers practicality and portability, making it an ideal choice for various settings. Despite its smaller size, the Plastic Rehal retains functionality and ease of use. Its lightweight construction allows for easy handling and transportation, making it convenient for individuals who need to carry it while traveling or attending religious gatherings. The design of the Plastic Rehal is typically simple and utilitarian, focusing on functionality rather than ornate decoration. Its minimalist aesthetic makes it suitable for modern and practical environments, such as classrooms, offices, or homes. With its compact size and sturdy build, the Plastic Rehal provides a stable platform for holding the Quran securely during recitation or study sessions. The grooves or slats on the surface of the rehal ensure that the Quran remains in place and can be easily read without slipping or sliding. Overall, the Plastic Rehal sized at 5 inches offers a practical and affordable solution for displaying and reading the Quran. Its lightweight and durable design make it suitable for various purposes, providing a convenient and accessible option for individuals seeking a functional stand for their religious practice.(Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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