Plastic Rehal 7 Inches 7RP


Size: 0.00 x 7.01 x 0.00 CM
Paper Quality: Select
Sale price Rs.250.00


Product Description Plastic Rehal 7 Inches.The Plastic Rehal 7 Inches is an elegantly designed, portable, and durable stand crafted to enhance your reading and recitation experience. Traditionally known as a bookstand or lectern, a Rehal is used extensively in various cultures to hold sacred texts such as the Quran, Bible, or other significant books. This modern interpretation of the Rehal combines the timeless functionality with contemporary material advantages, ensuring both usability and longevity.Made from high-quality, lightweight plastic, this Rehal is not only easy to carry but also resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal companion for both personal use and travel. The 7-inch size is perfect for holding a variety of book sizes comfortably, ensuring stability and ease of access while reading. Its sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly into any setting, whether you are at home, in a classroom, or at a place of worship.The Rehal foldable feature adds to its portability, allowing for easy storage and minimal space usage when not in use. Its smooth surface and ergonomic construction ensure that the books are held securely, preventing any damage or wear to the delicate pages. This product is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it remains in pristine condition with minimal effort.The Plastic Rehal 7 Inches is an excellent choice for those seeking a practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing bookstand that honors tradition while embracing modern convenience. It serves as a thoughtful gift for anyone who values reading and studying their texts in a respectful and organized manner.

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