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The Hajj Ihram consists of two simple, unstitched white cloths or towels for men. One piece, known as the Izar, is wrapped around the waist to cover the lower body, while the other, called the Rida is draped over the shoulders to cover the upper body. Women, on the other hand, wear modest, plain clothing that leaves only the face and hands uncovered, in accordance with Islamic guidelines for Ihram.The use of the Hajj Ihram (Towel) holds profound symbolic meaning in the context of Hajj. The plain, white attire represents a state of spiritual purity and the intention to renounce worldly pleasures and sins. It serves as a reminder that, in the eyes of Allah, all individuals are equal, irrespective of their social or economic status. This attire also embodies humility, simplicity, and a focus on spiritual devotion, as pilgrims engage in the various rituals of Hajj.Wearing the Hajj Ihram is a crucial step in the pilgrimage, marking the transition into a sacred state known as Ihram. This state is characterized by a set of spiritual disciplines and prohibitions, such as refraining from physical grooming, marital relations, and certain types of speech and behavior. The donning of the Ihram signals the pilgrim entry into a heightened state of consciousness and dedication to the pilgrimage spiritual objectives.The process of wearing the Hajj Ihram begins at designated points known as Miqat which are entry boundaries for pilgrims approaching Mecca. Upon reaching the Miqat, pilgrims perform a purification ritual and then don the Ihram. This practice underscores the significance of approaching the holy city in a state of physical and spiritual cleanliness.The simplicity of the Hajj Ihram also promotes a sense of unity and brotherhood among the millions of pilgrims gathered in Mecca. The uniform appearance of the pilgrims, all dressed in white, underscores the message of equality and the collective purpose of seeking Allah mercy and forgiveness. It reinforces the idea that, during the Hajj, the focus should be on spiritual enrichment and not on material differences.

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