Tasbih wooden 100 daana 4 number TW4-100

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Enhance your spiritual practice with our exquisite Tasbih, crafted from smooth, polished wooden beads. Each Tasbih features precisely one hundred daana (beads), meticulously threaded to ensure durability and ease of use during dhikr (remembrance of Allah). The natural wood not only lends a comforting weight to the Tasbih but also offers a warm, earthy texture that feels soothing to the touch.Ideal for daily prayers or personal meditation, our Tasbih wooden 100 daana embodies simplicity and elegance, making it a cherished companion in your journey of spiritual reflection and mindfulness. Whether as a personal devotional tool or a thoughtful gift, this Tasbih represents a timeless tradition of prayer and contemplation, inviting you to find peace and tranquility in every bead.Experience the serenity of counting your praises and petitions with our Tasbih wooden 100 daana, where each bead signifies a moment of connection and gratitude towards the divine.

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