Tasbih Camel Bone 100 dana 9 number TCB9-100

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Tasbih Camel Bone 100 Dana.The Tasbih Camel Bone 100 Dana is a finely crafted Islamic prayer bead set distinguished by its unique material and meticulous craftsmanship. Each of the 100 beads known as dana is carved from genuine camel bone offering a natural and organic aesthetic that resonates with spiritual significance. The camel bone a traditional material lends an air of authenticity and reverence connecting the user to centuries of Islamic tradition. These beads are carefully polished to a smooth finish. providing a comfortable tactile experience during prayer or meditation.The Tasbih is more than a simple tool for counting prayers. it is a symbolic object that embodies the rich cultural heritage and spiritual practices of the Islamic faith. The use of camel bone is not only a nod to the resourcefulness and respect for nature inherent in many Islamic cultures but also a reflection of the enduring bond between humans and the animals that serve them. Each bead natural variation ensures that every Tasbih is unique making it a personal and meaningful possession for the faithful. The 100 Dana format is particularly favored for its comprehensive nature, allowing for extended recitations and a deeper spiritual engagement.In addition to its spiritual uses, the Tasbih Camel Bone 100 Dana serves as a beautiful and meaningful accessory. It can be carried easily in a pocket or bag, making it a constant companion for those seeking a tangible reminder of their faith and devotion throughout the day. Whether used in daily prayer, as a meditation aid, or simply as a cherished keepsake, the Tasbih Camel Bone 100 Dana is a timeless piece that holds profound significance and offers a touch of traditional elegance.

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