Taleem Ul Quran Para 20 TQ20


Size: 22.50 x 16.51 x 0.10 CM
Paper Quality: Local Offset
Sale price Rs.53.00


Taleem ul Quran Para 20, published by Taj Company, offers readers a concise yet enlightening journey through select Quranic verses from diverse chapters or Surahs. With a commitment to clarity and authenticity, Taj Company provides clear Arabic text alongside translations and explanations, making the Quran accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Engaging with Taleem ul Quran Para 20 enriches the spiritual understanding of fundamental Islamic teachings and principles, guiding readers on a path of enlightenment and deeper connection to the divine message.Taleem Ul Quran Para 20 is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.The Holy Quran presented by Taj Company for Muslims all over the world. Here the Taleem Ul Quran Para 20 for all the Muslim and Hafiz Quran people. This Taleem Ul Quran comes with a nice, beautiful design and very strong binding with perfect finishing. The size of The Taleem Ul Quran Para 20 is good for reading at home, office and anywhere. Plus, the quality of paper (Local Offset) is very high to facilitate the correct recitation of The Holy Quran.Feature Taleem Ul Quran Para 20 (Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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