Surah Yaseen (Velvet Binding) with English Translation 9 Line Tajweed 518V

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Size: 55.88 x 35.56 x 7.11 CM
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Surah Yaseen, also known as the Heart of the Quran, is the 36th chapter of the Quran, comprising 83 verses. Its profound significance is underscored by numerous narrations in Islamic tradition highlighting its virtues, including its designation as the heart or the beauty of the Quran. Surah Yaseen is revered by Muslims worldwide for its spiritual depth, eloquent language, and profound messages that resonate across time and culture. This chapter begins with the invocation of Allah name and emphasises the Quran authenticity and the Prophet Muhammad role as a messenger sent with clear guidance. Surah Yaseen unfolds with vivid imagery, compelling narratives, and timeless lessons, inviting readers to reflect deeply on the signs of the universe and the inevitability of divine accountability. The surah recounts the stories of past prophets and their communities, including the tale of the people of the town and the messengers sent to them. These stories serve as moral parables, illustrating the consequences of rejecting divine guidance and the rewards for those who embrace faith and righteousness. Throughout Surah Yaseen, Allah mercy and power are prominently displayed, offering solace to believers and admonishing the heedless. The chapter resonates with themes of monotheism, resurrection, and the transient nature of worldly life. It underscores the importance of reflecting on the Quran verses, acknowledging divine blessings, and preparing for the Hereafter. Surah Yaseen concludes with a powerful reminder of Allah sovereignty, urging humanity to submit to His will and recognise His signs in the universe. The surah reaffirms the Quran status as a guide for humanity, a source of enlightenment, and a criterion for distinguishing truth from falsehood. Translations of Surah Yaseen into various languages, including English, enable a broader audience to access its profound wisdom and timeless guidance. The English translation of Surah Yaseen aims to convey the essence and meaning of the Arabic text, allowing readers to comprehend its teachings and derive spiritual benefit from its verses. Reading and reflecting on Surah Yaseen with its English translation can deepen one understanding of Islam, strengthen faith, and inspire a life guided by piety and virtue. Its timeless messages of faith, accountability, and divine mercy continue to resonate with believers, offering guidance and solace in every age and circumstance.Feature Surah Yaseen (Velvet Binding) with English Translation(Velvet Binding) Paper Quality Art PaperLanguage Arabic

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