Surah Rehman with English 9 Line Tajweed 16 Pages 521KC

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Size: 23.62 x 17.02 x 0.25 CM
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Explore the beauty and depth of Surah Ar-Rahman with our specially designed 9 Line Tajweed version, complete with English translation. This unique presentation of Surah Ar-Rahman combines the traditional Arabic script with color-coded Tajweed rules to enhance your recitation skills. Each line is meticulously crafted to provide clarity and ease of reading, making it perfect for both beginners and advanced students of the Quran.Features 1. Arabic Text with Tajweed - The Surah is presented in clear, easy-to-read Arabic script. - Color-coded Tajweed rules help guide proper pronunciation and intonation. - Enhances your understanding and application of Tajweed principles.2. English Translation - Accurate and contemporary English translation provided alongside the Arabic text. - Helps in understanding the meanings and messages conveyed in the Surah. - Facilitates deeper connection and reflection on the verses.3. 9 Line Format - Each page contains nine lines of the Surah, allowing for a focused and manageable reading experience. - Ideal for memorization and practice, making it easier to learn and retain the Surah. - Suitable for both personal study and group learning settings.4. Enhanced Learning Experience - Designed to improve both recitation and comprehension. - Perfect for use in classrooms, study circles, and individual study. - Supports non-Arabic speakers in achieving a more accurate recitation. Whether you are beginning your journey of Quranic recitation or looking to perfect your Tajweed, this 9 Line Tajweed version of Surah Ar-Rahman with English translation is an invaluable resource. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic beauty and profound wisdom of one of the most beloved chapters of the Quran.

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