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Surah Nuh, or the Chapter of Noah, is the 71st chapter of the Quran. It comprises 28 verses and is named after the Prophet Noah (Nuh in Arabic), who is considered one of the greatest prophets in Islamic tradition. Surah Nuh recounts the story of Prophet Noah and his mission to guide his people towards monotheism and righteousness. The chapter begins by invoking the name of Allah and describing Prophet Noah call to his people to worship Allah alone and abandon their polytheistic beliefs. Noah warns his people of the consequences of their disbelief and urges them to repent before the arrival of a severe punishment from Allah. Surah Nuh highlights Prophet Noah unwavering dedication to his mission despite facing rejection, ridicule, and opposition from his people. It describes how Noah preached to his community for centuries, tirelessly inviting them to the path of truth and righteousness. Moreover, Surah Nuh recounts the response of Noah people, who mocked and rejected his message, preferring to follow their ancestors traditions rather than embrace monotheism. Despite Noah sincere efforts and heartfelt prayers for their guidance, his people persisted in their disbelief, leading to their eventual destruction through a great flood sent by Allah. The chapter concludes with a reminder of Allah power and mercy, as well as the fate of those who reject His guidance. It emphasizes the importance of heeding the warnings of the prophets and turning to Allah in repentance before it is too late. Overall, Surah Nuh serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of disbelief, the importance of steadfastness in faith, and the mercy of Allah towards those who repent and turn to Him. It offers timeless lessons of patience, perseverance, and reliance on Allah guidance,

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