soora yaseen (bold font)24 Pages 80KA


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Paper Quality: Art Paper
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Surah Yaseen Translated - 24 Pages is a remarkable publication by Taj Company, designed to provide readers with a concise yet profound translation of this revered chapter from the Quran. Despite its brevity, this edition encapsulates the essence and depth of Surah Yaseen within just 24 pages, making it easily accessible to readers seeking spiritual guidance. Published by Taj Company, a renowned name in the field of Islamic literature, this edition is committed to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the translation. Each verse of Surah Yaseen is meticulously translated, ensuring that the message and significance of the original Arabic text are preserved. Despite its compact size, Surah Yaseen Translated - 24 Pages carries the weight of divine wisdom, guiding readers through the spiritual journey embedded within Surah Yaseen. The concise presentation of this edition makes it ideal for quick reference, personal reflection, or sharing the teachings of the Quran with others. With its clear and concise translation, durable binding, and attention to detail, this publication from Taj Company is a valuable addition to any library or personal collection. Whether used for individual study, group discussions, or as a gift to loved ones, Surah Yaseen Translated - 24 Pages serves as an invaluable resource for spiritual seekers of all backgrounds.Surah Yaseen Translated is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.Feature Surah Yaseen Translated Binding Raxine(Hard Binding)Language Arabic (Only)Paper Quality Art Paper(Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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