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Para 4 of the Quran encompasses portions of Surah An-Nisa (Chapter 4), spanning from verse 24 to verse 147. Surah An-Nisa, meaning The Women, covers a wide range of topics, including laws related to inheritance, marriage, family relations, social justice, and moral conduct. In this Para, believers are provided with guidance on how to establish a just society based on Islamic principles. The Para begins by addressing rules regarding marriage and the treatment of spouses, emphasizing the importance of kindness, fairness, and equity in marital relationships. It discusses the permissibility of polygamy under specific conditions and emphasizes the importance of upholding the rights of women. Furthermore, Para 4 elaborates on inheritance laws, outlining the shares allocated to various heirs and emphasizing fairness and justice in distribution. It also addresses legal matters such as testimony, financial transactions, and punishments for crimes, stressing the importance of honesty, integrity, and adherence to Islamic law. The Para also highlights the significance of social justice and compassion, urging believers to care for orphans, widows, and the vulnerable in society. It condemns injustice, exploitation, and oppression, emphasizing the importance of standing up for the rights of the oppressed. Additionally, Para 4 provides guidance on moral conduct, reminding believers of their responsibilities towards Allah and fellow human beings. It encourages acts of charity, righteousness, and obedience to divine commandments while warning against disobedience and moral corruption. Overall, Para 4 serves as a comprehensive guide for believers on matters of personal conduct, social justice, and adherence to Islamic principles. It emphasizes the importance of establishing a society based on fairness, compassion, and righteousness, guided by the teachings of the Quran.

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