Para 15(11 Line Full Bold Font) 375-15C

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Size: 21.01 x 14.00 x 0.10 CM
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Quran Kareem Para 15, as published by Taj Company, constitutes a significant section of the Holy Quran, divided into Surahs from the 38th to the 48th according to the traditional arrangement. Taj Company is renowned for its meticulous printing and publication of the Quran, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the classical Arabic text. This Para begins with Surah Sad (The Letter Sad), the 38th chapter, which narrates the trials and triumphs of the Prophet Dawood (David) and his son Sulaiman (Solomon), underscoring themes of patience, gratitude, and divine intervention in the face Following Surah Sad is Surah Az-Zumar, the 39th chapter, which emphasizes monotheism and accountability in the Hereafter, urging believers to worship Allah alone and seek His forgiveness for salvation. Surah Ghafir (The Forgiver), also known as Surah Al-Mumin (The Believer), the 40th chapter, recounts the story of Prophet Musa (Moses) and Pharaoh, highlighting the consequences of arrogance and the importance of repentance. Believers are encouraged to engage with the timeless wisdom and guidance within Para 15, as published by Taj Company, striving to embody the values of faith, righteousness, and devotion to Allah in their lives.

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