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The 14th Para (chapter) of the Quran Kareem holds significant spiritual and moral guidance for Muslims worldwide. This section encompasses a collection of chapters that delve into diverse themes, ranging from stories of past prophets to ethical injunctions and reflections on the nature of faith. Within Para 14, believers encounter verses that emphasize the importance of belief in the oneness of Allah, the significance of righteous conduct, and the inevitability of accountability in the Hereafter. These chapters serve as a source of inspiration and guidance, urging believers to reflect on the signs of creation and to strive for spiritual growth and moral excellence. As Muslims engage with the verses of Para 14, they are reminded of their sacred covenant with Allah and the eternal wisdom embedded within the Quranic revelation, guiding them on the path of righteousness and spiritual fulfillment.Para 14 64pages bold is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.Taj Company offers the Holy Quran to Muslims worldwide, with a specific focus on Para 14, presented in a bold 64-page format for Hafiz Quran individuals. This edition features an elegant design, sturdy binding, and impeccable finishing. The size of the Para 14 edition is convenient for reading at home, in the office, or while on the go. Moreover, the high-quality Imported Offset paper ensures optimal readability, facilitating accurate recitation of the Holy Quran.Feature para 14 64pages bold Binding Card BindingLanguage Arabic (Only) (Note) Colors may vary depending on the available stock

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