Nimaz e Hanafi(Khair M Jalandhri)Pocket 1007-1

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Size: 12.50 x 8.99 x 0.51 CM
Binding: Lamination
Paper Quality: Local Offset
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Nimaz e Hanafi is an Urdu term referring to the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence method of performing prayers (Salah/Namaz). Khair Muhammad Jalandhari, commonly known as Khair M. Jalandhri, was a renowned Islamic scholar and writer who contributed significantly to Urdu literature on Islamic topics. This concise pocket-sized guide offers clear and practical instructions for Muslims following the Hanafi school of thought to perform their daily prayers with precision and devotion. Compiled by the esteemed scholar Khair M. Jalandhri, it provides a user-friendly format that fits conveniently into pocket or bags, allowing easy access for reference wherever one may be. Containing step-by-step guidance, transliterations, and translations of the prayers into the reader native language, this book ensures that individuals can fulfill their religious obligations correctly and with understanding. It outlines the essential components of each prayer, including the proper movements, recitations, and postures, according to the teachings of the Hanafi madhhab (school of thought). Furthermore, Nimaz e Hanafi by Khair M. Jalandhri includes insights into the spiritual significance of the prayers, helping deepen their connection with Allah through their worship. It addresses common questions and misconceptions, providing clarity on matters related to prayer timing, validity conditions, and etiquette. Compact yet comprehensive, this pocket guide serves as an invaluable resource for Muslims striving to strengthen their prayer practice in accordance with the Hanafi tradition. With its practical layout and insightful content, it empowers believers to fulfill their religious duties with sincerity, reverence, and confidence.Nimaz e Hanafi(Khair M Jalandhri)Pocket is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.The Holy Quran presented by Taj Company for Muslims all over the world. Here the Nimaz e Hanafi(Khair M Jalandhri)Pocket for all the Muslim and Hafiz Quran people. This Holy Quran comes with a nice, beautiful design and very strong binding with perfect finishing. The size of The Nimaz e Hanafi(Khair M Jalandhri)Pocket is good for reading at home, office and anywhere. Plus, the quality of paper (Local Offset) is very high to facilitate the correct recitation of The Holy Quran.Feature Nimaz e Hanafi(Khair M Jalandhri)PocketBinding Lamination (Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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