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Loh-e-Qurani refers to a mystical and significant aspect of Islamic tradition. It consists of a set of disconnected Arabic letters found at the beginning of certain chapters (Surahs) in the Quran. These letters are also known as Muqattat or disjointed letters. They appear in 29 Surahs out of the 114 in the Quran and include combinations such as Alif Lam Mim, Ha Mim, and Yasin. The exact meaning and purpose of these letters have been a subject of speculation and interpretation among Islamic scholars for centuries. Some theories suggest they could be abbreviations for divine attributes, names, or a form of divine code known only to Allah. Others believe they might have been intended to draw the listener attention to the recitation that follows or to highlight the miraculous nature of the Quranic text. Despite the mystery surrounding them, Loh-e-Qurani holds a revered place in Islamic tradition. Many Muslims consider these letters to possess spiritual significance and some believe they can offer protection or blessings. They are often used in amulets, calligraphy, and other forms of Islamic art and decoration.

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