Lahore Daimi Nimaz Calender Medium 138M

SKU: 138M

Size: 21.49 x 13.49 x 2.01 CM
Binding: Lamination
Paper Quality: Art Card
Sale price Rs.131.00


The Lahore Daimi Nimaz Calendar offers a comprehensive guide for devout followers in Lahore and beyond, facilitating the observance of daily prayers throughout the year. This medium-sized calendar presents an organized schedule for the five obligatory prayersu00e2u20acu201dFajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Ishau00e2u20acu201daligning with the Islamic lunar calendar. Designed with clarity and practicality in mind, it provides essential information such as prayer times, sunrise, sunset, and important Islamic dates, aiding believers in planning their worship routines effectively. With its user-friendly layout and reliable accuracy, the Lahore Daimi Nimaz Calendar serves as an indispensable tool for individuals seeking to uphold their religious commitments and strengthen their spiritual connection on a consistent basis.

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