Holy Quran 48

SKU: 48

Size: 14.00 x 11.00 x 3.00 CM
Binding: Raxine(Hard Binding)
Paper Quality: Imported Offset
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The Holy Quran is the sacred scripture of Islam, believed by Muslims to be the verbatim word of Allah as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Angel Gabriel over a period of approximately 23 years. It is regarded as the ultimate source of guidance for Muslims, containing divine teachings, moral principles, laws, and narratives. The language of the Quran is Arabic, considered by Muslims to be the language of revelation and possessing a unique eloquence and beauty. Despite its linguistic and literary excellence, the Quran emphasizes that its primary purpose is guidance for humanity, calling on individuals to reflect, ponder, and act upon its teachings. The Quran is revered by Muslims worldwide and is recited, memorized, and studied extensively. It serves as the cornerstone of Islamic faith and practice, providing a framework for spirituality, ethics, and jurisprudence. Additionally, it is often recited in daily prayers and special occasions, serving as a source of comfort, solace, and inspiration for believers. As a sacred text, the Quran holds a central place in the hearts and lives of Muslims, guiding them in their journey toward spiritual fulfillment, moral integrity, and submission to the will of Allah. Its profound impact on individuals and societies throughout history continues to resonate today, making it one of the most influential and widely studied religious texts in the world.This Quran is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.The Holy Quran presented by Taj Company for Muslims all over the world. Here the Holy Quran with for all the Muslim and Hafiz Quran people. This Holy Quran comes with a nice, beautiful design and very strong binding with perfect finishing. The size of The Holy Quran with is good for reading at home, office and anywhere. Plus, the quality of paper (Imported Offset) is very high to facilitate the correct recitation of The Holy Quran.Feature Holy Quran 48Binding Raxine(Hard Binding) (Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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