Holy Quran 2K


Size: 18.01 x 11.99 x 3.00 CM
Binding: Foam Binding +Plastic Cover
Paper Quality: Art Paper
Sale price Rs.1,238.00


The Quran - Urdu Translated Version with Tafseer is a profound literary work that encapsulates the essence of Islamic scripture, offering a bridge between the classical Arabic text of the Quran and the Urdu-speaking populace. At its core, this edition seeks to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Quranic teachings by presenting them in a language accessible to Urdu-speaking readers. The inclusion of Tafseer, or scholarly commentary, further enriches the reading experience, offering insights into the nuances, contexts, and interpretations of the Quranic verses. The original Arabic text serves as the foundation, preserving the authenticity and integrity of the Quranic scripture. Alongside it, the Urdu translation unfolds, rendering the profound meanings of the Quran into the vernacular language of Urdu-speaking communities. This translation not only facilitates comprehension but also fosters a more profound connection with the divine message of the Quran. Moreover, the Tafseer provided in this edition offers invaluable commentary from esteemed Islamic scholars, shedding light on the deeper meanings and implications of the Quranic verses. Drawing from their expertise in Arabic language, Quranic studies, and Islamic jurisprudence, these scholars provide elucidations that illuminate the spiritual, ethical, and practical dimensions of the Quranic teachings. Through its comprehensive approach, the Quran - Urdu Translated Version with Tafseer serves as a guiding light for Urdu-speaking Muslims, empowering them to engage with the Quran in a profound and meaningful manner.The Quran - Urdu Translated Version Arabic and Urdu language With Tafseer is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.The Holy Quran presented by Taj Company for Muslims all over the world. Here the The Quran - Urdu Translated Version Arabic and Urdu language With Tafseer for all the Muslim and Hafiz Quran people. This Holy Quran comes with a nice, beautiful design and very strong binding with perfect finishing. The size of The Quran - Urdu Translated Version Arabic and Urdu language With Tafseer is good for reading at home, office and anywhere. Plus, the quality of paper (Art Paper) is very high to facilitate the correct recitation of The Holy Quran.Feature The Quran - Urdu Translated Version Arabic And Urdu language With TafseerBinding Purse(Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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