Holy Quran(ParaSet) Golden 64 Page Bold 10-30KG

SKU: 10-30KG

Paper Quality: Art Paper
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The Holy Quran (ParaSet) Golden is a meticulously crafted and revered collection of the Quran the central religious text of Islam presented in a stunning golden edition. Each Para (section) of the Quran is intricately designed and bound with luxurious materials reflecting the sacredness and importance of the text within Islamic tradition.The golden embellishments symbolize the divine nature of the Quran revered by Muslims worldwide as the literal word of allah as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.This exquisite ParaSet serves as not only a spiritual guide but also a testament to the beauty and reverence accorded to the Quranic teachings.Every page is meticulously crafted with Arabic calligraphy adorning the text further enhancing its visual appeal and significance.The golden cover and binding exude a sense of reverence and awe inviting readers to engage deeply with the profound wisdom and guidance contained within its pages.Whether as a cherished personal possession or a gift of great significance, the Holy Quran (ParaSet) Golden stands as a timeless symbol of faith spirituality, and devotion enriching the hearts and minds of those who turn to its pages for enlightenment and guidance.

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