Holy Quran With BOX tajweedi 16 Line GOLD 876-7GLTB-Gold

SKU: 876-7GLTB-Gold

Size: 22.00 x 14.00 x 2.79 CM
Paper Quality: Select
Sale price Rs.2,063.00


Immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom and divine guidance of the Holy Quran with this exquisite edition, meticulously crafted to enhance your reading experience. Encased in a luxurious gold-themed box, this Quran features a Tajweed script with a clear, 16-line format per page, designed to facilitate ease of reading and pronunciation.Each page of this Quran is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, with intricate calligraphy and ornate embellishments adorning the verses of the Quranic text. The 16-line layout ensures ample space between the lines, allowing readers to focus on each word and verse without distraction, aiding in comprehension and memorization.The Tajweed rules are meticulously observed in this edition, marked with subtle yet distinct symbols to guide correct pronunciation and recitation. Whether you are a student of Islamic studies, a scholar, or a devout reader seeking spiritual enlightenment, this Quran is designed to cater to your needs and deepen your connection with the divine message.Presented in a sturdy and elegant box finished in shimmering gold, this Quran makes for an ideal gift for loved ones and cherished individuals on special occasions such as Ramadan, Eid, weddings, or other significant milestones. Its timeless beauty and profound significance as the ultimate source of Islamic teachings make it a treasure to be cherished for generations.Experience the serenity and majesty of the Holy Quran anew with this Tajweed 16-line edition, beautifully packaged in a gold-themed box, where every page resonates with the divine wisdom and guidance that has inspired millions across the ages.

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