Holy Quran Tajweedi Shaneel Offwhite 823S-Offwhite 23QVB-White

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Paper Quality: Art Paper
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Holy Quran Tajweedi Shaneel Offwhite.The Holy Quran Tajweedi Shaneel Offwhite is a beautifully crafted edition of the sacred text, designed for those who seek both spiritual enrichment and a deep connection with the Quran aesthetic beauty. Encased in a luxurious offwhite cover made of soft and elegant Shaneel fabric, this Quran is not only a guide for the soul but also a feast for the eyes. The subtle offwhite shade of the cover reflects purity and reverence making it a perfect gift or addition to any Islamic household.1.Tajweed RulesThis edition emphasizes proper pronunciation and recitation with color-coded Tajweed rules.This feature assists readers in enhancing their recitation accuracy, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned reciters. 2.High-Quality PrintingThe text is printed on premium ivory-colored pages that are gentle on the eyes and provide a superior reading experience. The clarity of the script ensures that every verse is easily readable facilitating long reading sessions without discomfort.3.Elegance and DurabilityThe Shaneel fabric not only provides a tactile pleasure but also adds a layer of protection to the Quran, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years.The offwhite color complements any decor and signifies the purity of the divine text contained within.4.Comprehensive LayoutEach page is meticulously designed to provide ample margin space for notes and reflections.The thoughtful layout includes a detailed index and comprehensive footnotes making it easier for readers to navigate and understand the text.5.Perfect for All AgesWith its clear script and supportive color-coded Tajweed rules, this Quran is suitable for readers of all ages, from young students to elderly scholars, encouraging lifelong learning and devotion.Whether you are looking to enhance your Quranic studies, perfect your recitation, or simply treasure a beautifully bound copy of the Holy Quran, the Holy Quran Tajweedi Shaneel Offwhite stands as a testament to your faith and commitment. It is more than a book. it is a cherished companion in your spiritual journey.This Translated Quran is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.The Holy Quran presented by Taj Company for Muslims all over the world. Here the Holy Quran with Urdu Translation And Tafseer for all the Muslim and Hafiz Quran people. This Holy Quran comes with a nice, beautiful design and very strong binding with perfect finishing. The size of The Holy Quran is good for reading at home, office and anywhere. Plus, the quality of paper (White OffSet) is very high to facilitate the correct recitation of The Holy Quran.

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