Holy Quran 15 Line 126-1K

SKU: 126-1K

Size: 8.99 x 5.99 x 0.00 CM
Binding: Foam Binding +Plastic Cover
Paper Quality: Art Paper
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The Holy Quran in the 15-line format is a revered edition cherished by Muslims worldwide. This specific formatting, often favored by those engaged in the memorization and recitation of the Quran, offers a spacious layout with precisely 15 lines per page. The clear and meticulously printed text ensures maximum readability, aiding learners of all ages in their memorization efforts, a practice known as Hifz. The durability and resilience of the paper quality are notable features, making it a reliable companion for daily study and recitation. Additionally, some editions may include supplementary features such as translations, transliterations, and commentary to enhance understanding and comprehension. Overall, the Holy Quran in the 15-line format serves as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and understanding of Islam.This Quran 15 Line is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.Taj Company offers the Holy Quran to Muslims worldwide, featuring the 15-line format suitable for Hafiz Quran enthusiasts. This edition boasts an elegant design, sturdy binding, and impeccable finishing. Its convenient size makes it ideal for reading at home, in the office, or on the go. Additionally, the high-quality paper (Art Paper) ensures optimal readability, aiding in the accurate recitation of the Holy Quran.Feature Holy Quran15 Line Lines 15 LinesLanguage Arabic (Only)Binding Foam Binding Plastic Cover (Note) Colors may vary depending on availability of stock.

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