Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model Black 376KMB


Size: 10.01 x 7.49 x 0.00 CM
Paper Quality: Art Paper
Sale price Rs.4,138.00


The Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model in Black is a remarkable embodiment of Islamic reverence and tradition, meticulously crafted to honor the sanctity of the Quran. With intricate precision and attention to detail, this Quran is a testament to the profound significance of the sacred text in the lives of Muslims worldwide. Adhering to the traditional 11-line format, each page of this Quran features clear and legible Arabic text, facilitating ease of recitation and study for believers of all ages and backgrounds. The Quran is housed within a distinctive Kaba model, a symbol of the spiritual heart of Islam and the focal point of Muslim prayer. This Kaba model serves as a poignant reminder of the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca and the unity of the Muslim community across the globe. Presented in an elegant black finish, this Quran exudes sophistication and solemnity, with the color black symbolizing depth, reverence, and spiritual contemplation. Whether gifted on special occasions such as weddings, Ramadan, or Eid, or bestowed as a gesture of respect and reverence, the Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model in Black holds profound significance as a thoughtful and meaningful present. It serves as a tangible representation of faith and devotion, embodying the beauty and majesty of the Quranic verses within its pages.The Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model in Black as a poignant symbol of Islamic faith and tradition, inviting believers to engage in the spiritual journey of recitation, reflection, and devotion guided by the timeless wisdom of the Quran.Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model Black with Golden Box Baab-e-Kaaba Model Gift (Golden Quran) is checked by certified Quran Proofreaders and found no errors.Taj Company presents The Holy Quran, tailored for Muslims worldwide. Introducing The Al Quran Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model Black edition, designed especially for devout Muslims and Hafiz Quran individuals. This rendition boasts a striking and exquisite design coupled with durable binding and impeccable finishing. The size of Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model Black is optimized for comfortable reading, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Furthermore, the high-quality (Art Paper) ensures optimal recitation, making it easier for readers to engage with the sacred text accurately.Feature Holy Quran 11 Line Kaba Model BlackLines 11 LinesLanguage Arabic (Only) (Note) Colours masy vary depends on Stock

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