Baghdadi Qaida Para 30 Water Proof 82WP


Size: 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 CM
Binding: Card Binding
Paper Quality: Art Paper
Sale price Rs.206.00


Baghdadi Qaida Para 30 Water Proof A Durable and Accessible Learning Tool.The Baghdadi Qaida Para 30 Water Proof is an innovative educational tool designed to make the learning of the last part of the Quran both accessible and durable. This waterproof booklet encompasses the entirety of the 30th Juz (Para) featuring the complete Surahs from Al-Fajr to An-Nas. It is specifically crafted to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring that it remains intact and readable even when exposed to water, making it ideal for use in diverse settings, including outdoors or areas with high humidity.Constructed from high-quality, water-resistant materials, this Qaida is perfect for students, travelers, and individuals who engage in frequent outdoor activities. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport, so you can carry it with you wherever you go, making it possible to read and recite Quranic verses during travels or while on the move.The Baghdadi Qaida Para 30 is printed with clear, large fonts to aid in comfortable reading and to support beginners in their journey of Quranic learning. It includes simplified instructions for Tajweed, which is essential for correct pronunciation and recitation. The waterproof feature not only protects against water damage but also ensures the text remains legible and vibrant even after prolonged use.In summary, the Baghdadi Qaida Para 30 Water Proof combines durability, portability, and user-friendliness to provide a resilient and convenient means for learning and reciting the Quran. Whether you at home, on the road, or in a challenging environment, this waterproof booklet is a reliable companion for all your Quranic studies.

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