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Commemorate and honor the memory of your loved ones with the Aisal e Sawab Sticker, a beautifully designed adhesive label intended for use in religious and spiritual contexts. This sticker serves as a meaningful token to dedicate prayers, Quran recitations, and good deeds for the benefit of deceased relatives or friends, making it a heartfelt addition to various Islamic practices. Thoughtful Design The Aisal e Sawab Sticker features an elegant and respectful design, often adorned with traditional Islamic motifs and calligraphy. Its aesthetic appeal enhances its spiritual significance. High-Quality Material Made from durable, high-quality materials, this sticker is designed to adhere securely to a variety of surfaces, ensuring longevity and resilience. Versatile Use Ideal for application on Quran covers, prayer books, donation boxes, or any personal item dedicated to the remembrance of loved ones. Clear and Legible Text The sticker includes clear, legible text that conveys the purpose of Aisal e Sawab, allowing for easy recognition and understanding. Easy Application With a smooth adhesive backing, the sticker is easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue or damage on surfaces. Dimensions Size Conveniently sized to fit various surfaces without being obtrusive. Shape Typically available in rectangular or oval shapes to accommodate different preferences and uses. Purpose and Significance The Aisal e Sawab Sticker is not just a decorative item but a significant spiritual tool. It acts as a constant reminder to engage in good deeds and prayers on behalf of those who have passed away, fostering a sense of connection and ongoing remembrance. By placing this sticker on items of religious importance, you reinforce your commitment to keeping the memory of your loved ones alive through your acts of worship and charity. Usage Suggestions Quran and Prayer Books Affix the sticker to the covers of your Quran or other religious texts to dedicate your recitations to the deceased. Donation and Charity Boxes Use the sticker on boxes intended for charitable donations, signifying that the contributions are made for the Aisal e Sawab of a loved one.Personal Items Place the sticker on personal belongings used during prayer or spiritual activities as a reminder of your ongoing dedication to your loved one memory. Conclusion The Aisal e Sawab Sticker is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the memory of those who have passed away. Its elegant design, high-quality material, and versatile applications make it a valuable addition to your spiritual practices. By incorporating this sticker into your daily worship and charitable activities, you can continuously offer your prayers and good deeds for the eternal benefit of your loved ones.

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