Abaya for Girls Black (Size 58) Meryem Meryem-58black

SKU: Meryem-58black

Size: 88.90 x 76.20 x 5.08 CM
Paper Quality: Select
Sale price Rs.4,688.00


Abaya for Girls Black (Size 58) - MeryemThe Abaya for Girls in Black Size 58 from the Meryem collection is a beautifully crafted piece that merges tradition with modern style. Made from high-quality breathable fabric this abaya ensures comfort and elegance for young girls. The classic black hue is versatile making it suitable for various occasions from formal events to daily wear. The design features a simple yet sophisticated silhouette with clean lines that create a graceful drape. The abaya is adorned with subtle intricate embroidery along the cuffs and hemline adding a touch of delicate artistry without overwhelming the minimalist design. The Meryem collection is known for its attention to detail and this piece is no exception reflecting a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion.Practicality is also at the forefront of this abaya design. It includes a modest neckline and a full-length cut that provides ample coverage ensuring it meets the standards of modest attire. The fabric is easy to care for making it a convenient choice for busy parents and active girls. With its combination of elegance comfort and ease of maintenance the Meryem Black Abaya in Size 58 is an excellent addition to any young girl wardrobe.

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