3 layers niqab NQ-3L


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Layer upon layer, the three-tiered niqab envelops the wearer in an aura of modesty, grace, and mystery. Crafted from the finest fabrics, each layer is meticulously designed to offer both coverage and elegance. The first layer, delicately veiling the face, is like a whisper of chiffon, allowing the gentle contours of the features to be discerned, yet shrouded in softness. Its translucency hints at the beauty beneath, offering a glimpse into the soul while preserving the wearer privacy.Beneath this gentle veil lies the second layer, a slightly denser fabric that adds depth and dimension to the ensemble. Here, the eyes peer through a lattice of intricate embroidery or lace, framing them like precious jewels gleaming amidst a veil of shadow. This layer adds an element of allure, drawing the observer closer while maintaining a respectful distance.Finally, the third layer, often the thickest and most opaque, serves as the ultimate shield of modesty. Its rich fabric cascades gracefully, draping the wearer in a veil of dignity and solemnity. Here, the individual finds sanctuary, cocooned from the outside world yet still able to navigate it with grace and poise.Together, these layers create a harmonious composition, a testament to tradition, faith, and individual expression. In their unity, they symbolize the complexity of identity, the interplay of public and private, and the beauty found in the veiled depths of the human spirit. These three layer Niqab are extremely comfortable as they are made from soft Korean Chiffon which is breathable and opaque at the same time. There are three layers in this Niqab bottom one has a Slit for eyes while the middle one can either be worn or you can flip it backwards and same way top layer can be worn for extra coverage or you can flip it backwards. Fabric used for all three layers is Korean Chiffon and no other Cloth is used making this Niqab extremely comfortable and Light weight. Multiple options are given to wear this Niqab. You can either Button it or Tie it as provision is given for both.

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