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PQ822D Kanz Ul Iman : Digital Quran Read Pen Special Edition Colour Coded With Urdu Translated Quran

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1: Complete Holy Quran can be read and hear with the Digital pen. 2: Recitation of QURAN in the voice of different reciters, including Including Abdul Rehman Al sudais And Many Others. 3: Voice of recital can be controlled With Button. 3. 4:Pen can detect any AYAT or SURAT just touching the AYAT or SURAT. 4. Translation Of Holy Quran In Different Languages Like English, Urdu,Pashto, Farsi,Punjabi 5. 6. Pre-loaded with additional Holy materials as Sahi Bukhari Book Urdu And Pashto, Tafaseers and Hajj and Umra Guide, Norani Qaida,Wazoo, Nimaz Guide,Duain, Isam Ul Nabi Cards. 7. The pen is equipped with Built-in speaker for loud sound 8. Trendy, simple, portable and handy design 9. Comes with the Noorani Qaida that have the basics to learn the Holy Quran 10. The database can be upgraded by connecting the device to the computer 11. The device will automatically switch off after Two minutes of inactivity 12. Battery lasts for 8 hours, once completely charged 13. Beneficial for those who want to learn QURAN themselves without the help of their teachers 14. Can play and store the MP3 files 15. Pen can be taken to anyplace 16. Comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB or charger 17. Comes with 16 GB internal memory 18. Earphone Jack to hear the recitation of Holy Quran through earphone or headphones 19. Beautiful digital Pen with Packing 20. High-Quality Voice Technical Features of the Digital QURAN Pen: 1. Device: Digital QURAN Pen with speaker 2. Memory: 16 GB 3. Battery: Powerful chargeable battery 4. Battery Backup: 8 Hours (approx.) 5. Net Weight (Complete Package): 1.55 KG What you will get with the Digital QURAN Pen: 1. 1 x Beautiful Printed Tajwedi QURAN 2. 1 x Digital reading Pen 3. 1 x Noorani Qaida 4. 1 x Translation Book 5. Hajj Umera Guide Book 6. Sahih Al-Bukhari Book 7. 1 x USB Cable 8. 1 x Power Adapter 9. 1 x Hand free 10. 5 x other prayer books

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