Abaya for Girls Black (Size 54) Haleema Haleema-54black

SKU: Haleema-54black

Size: 88.90 x 76.20 x 5.08 CM
Paper Quality: Select
Sale price Rs.6,000.00


The Abaya for Girls Black (Size 54) from the Haleema collection is a beautifully crafted garment that combines tradition with modern elegance. This abaya is specifically designed to cater to the tastes and comfort of young girls making it a perfect choice for any occasion that demands modest yet stylish attire.Design and CraftsmanshipElegant DesignThe abaya features a classic black color that exudes sophistication and simplicity.The design is timeless making it suitable for various events from casual gatherings to formal occasions.Modern TouchWhile maintaining traditional elements the Haleema abaya incorporates modern fashion trends.It is tailored to provide a flattering fit while ensuring ease of movement and comfort.Intricate DetailsThe abaya is adorned with delicate embellishments that add a touch of glamour without overwhelming the simplicity of the design.These details include subtle embroidery and possibly accents around the sleeves or neckline enhancing the overall aesthetic.Comfortable FabricMade from high-quality lightweight fabric this abaya ensures breathability and comfort throughout the day. The fabric drapes beautifully providing a modest yet elegant silhouette.Size and FitPerfect SizeThe abaya is available in size 54 ideal for girls who need a balance between growing room and a neat fit .The sizing is designed to cater to different body types ensuring that the abaya fits comfortably and looks proportionate.Adjustable FeaturesSome variations of the abaya might include adjustable features like a waist tie or elastic cuffs allowing for a customizable fit that grows with the wearer.Occasion Ready This abaya is versatile enough for everyday wear as well as special occasions.Its black color and classic design make it suitable for school functions family gatherings religious events and even formal celebrations.Easy to Pair The neutral black color makes it easy to pair with various accessories and hijabs. Whether you opt for a pop of color or a matching black hijab this abaya serves as a perfect base for countless styling options.Durable Material The abaya is crafted from durable fabric that withstands regular wear and washing. It is designed to maintain its shape and color even after multiple washes.Easy Care This abaya is easy to care for typically requiring a simple machine wash and air dry. The fabric is resistant to wrinkles reducing the need for ironing and making it a practical choice for busy schedules.Cultural SignificanceRespectful Wear The abaya reflects cultural values of modesty and respect. It is an essential piece of clothing for many young girls who wish to dress modestly while staying fashionable.Cultural Heritage The Haleema collection aims to honor cultural traditions while providing modern and comfortable clothing options for young girls. This abaya is a representation of cultural pride and identity.Conclusion.The Abaya for Girls Black (Size 54) from the Haleema collection is more than just a garment it is a blend of tradition comfort and modern style. It offers young girls the opportunity to express their individuality while adhering to cultural norms of modesty. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions this abaya is a versatile, elegant and practical addition to any wardrobe.

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