Juzdan Fiber Sheet 5.75x9 Inch A5 16-2F

SKU: 16-2F

Size: 27.00 x 22.00 x 0.10 CM
Binding: Shaneel(Sweet Cloth)
Paper Quality: Scritta Paper
Sale price Rs.69.00


Ghilaf 5.75x9 Inch, published by Taj Company, embodies quality and reliability, catering to diverse needs across professional and personal spheres. Produced by Taj Company, a trusted name synonymous with excellence in publishing, this product reflects their commitment to delivering top-notch materials.With dimensions of 5.75x9 inches, Ghilaf provides a versatile canvas suitable for a myriad of applications. Whether for crafting, documentation, or presentation purposes, its compact yet functional size offers ample space for your endeavors.Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Ghilaf boasts durability and resilience, ensuring longevity even under rigorous usage. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for everyday tasks, providing a dependable platform for writing, drawing, or printing.The smooth texture of Ghilaf facilitates effortless writing and clear printing, guaranteeing crisp and legible results. Whether using pens, markers, or printers, you can expect consistent performance across various mediums.In essence, Ghilaf 5.75x9 Inch, published by Taj Company, stands as a testament to quality and functionality. Whether utilized for professional documentation or personal projects, it embodies the hallmark of excellence associated with Taj Company publications.

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