Abaya for Girls Teal Color (Size 54) Anabya Anabya-54darkblue

SKU: Anabya-54darkblue

Size: 88.90 x 76.20 x 5.08 CM
Paper Quality: Select
Sale price Rs.5,438.00


Step into elegance and tradition with our exquisite Dark Blue Abaya designed especially for girls. Crafted with precision and care this timeless garment merges modesty with style effortlessly. Made from high-quality fabric it drapes gracefully offering comfort and sophistication in equal measure.The dark blue hue adds a touch of regal charm elevating any ensemble it complements. Whether worn for everyday use or for special occasions this Abaya exudes an aura of grace and poise.With a size of 54 this Abaya ensures a perfect fit for young girls allowing them to move with ease while retaining an air of modesty. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various body shapes and sizes promising a flattering silhouette for every wearer.Embellished with subtle detailing this Anabya Abaya captures attention without being ostentatious. Its simplicity is its strength allowing the wearer to shine through effortlessly. Whether paired with traditional accessories or modern accents this Abaya effortlessly transitions from day to night making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.Embrace tradition with a modern twist with our Dark Blue Abaya for Girls. Let your little one step out in confidence and style leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

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