About Us

Taj Company was incorporated in Lahore under the Companies’ Act (1913) on May 14, 1929 as a Public Limited Company. It started with a small capital but in a very short time it covered a very big distance. It was because there was a big space in the market regarding Printing and Publishing of The Holy Quran. People wanted to have a brand that they could trust for authenticity and quality of The Holy Quran. The company is recognized as the most famous printing and publishing house for the publishing of The Holy Quran all over the world.

Dehli and Mumbai offices were well known before partition. Dignities and heads of the Muslim states specially demand and use to recite Taj Company’s printed Holy Quran since the past.

Taj Company not only printed The Holy Quran inside the country but also used supply chains from outside. Printings from Germany, Italy and Holland are some of the fine printings and are still available in the personal library of Taj Company.

In 1947, Taj Company lost its landmark office Taj office Mumbai and Quran Manzil Dehli. Taj Company transferred its headoffice to Karachi by establishing a showroom at Bandar Road, Karachi and then acquired a 32 Canal of land at Mangopir road, Karachi to install the most modern and up-to date machinery available by then. The company established its branches in Dacca (Bengal) and Rawalpindi in 1964.

Taj Company Ltd published authentic and accurate Quran-e-Pak with the most modern techniques. Taj Company Ltd gives its customer one of the widest range of variety from the bottom-line paper, printing and binding quality to the hi-fi quality in many colors, sizes, price range, paper quality, binding types and other qualities. Taj Company also publishes Islamic literature such as Hadees, Fiqh, Tafseer and islamic History. For years Taj Company did not let any other publishing house to compete in the publishing of The Holy Quran. Taj Company is famous for its low price and high quality as well as life time replacement service if any manufacturing defect found in the product.

Taj Company exports The Holy Quran throughout the world and specially the translations of The Holy Quran in different languages such as; English, Persian, Sindhi, Pashto, Urdu, Kashmiri. Taj Company got a worldwide fame and demand for its immense services in its particular field. Taj Company also prints Holy Qurans in artistic designs, these designs mostly consists of miniature art from the mughal era.

The founder of The company Sheikh Inayatullah died in December 1982. His memorable work will always be remembered in the hearts of Muslims. Death of sheikh sahib was as if father of the company died. After the death of Sheikh Inayatullah coming soon the situation has worsened. Within eight years Taj Company was listed to the liquidation board for liquidation in 1990.

Men of honor stand in the way of Allah. Honorable Lahore High Court assigned the task to Barrister Nazar Khan as an Administrator of Taj Company. He instantly started managing the work and Taj Company was once again printing The Holy Quran with full pace. By the time many publishers found an open space in the market and dived in for printing of The Holy Quran. Nazar khan did a remarkable job to save the company from dispersal. He served Taj Company for 13 years.

By then Market was very turbulent and there were many publishers of The Holy Quran in the market. International market was also disturbed for not getting supply for years. Shah Fahad Quran Printing Complex started printing of The Holy Quran in 1993. Before that time Taj Company printed Quran was supplied to Haramain.

Financial crisis and scandal finally compelled the Government to liquidate the company. Government decided to close the case and made a liquidation board. The board sold assets of Taj Company in auction. Name, Goodwill, artistic work, calligraphies of The Holy Quran and available stock was sold to Mr. Abdul Basit in 2004 as a private limited company.

Print media highlighted the scandal due to which there was a distrust created in the market. Mr. Abdul Basit Sold Taj Company to Taj Kutub Khana, Qissakhwani bazar, Peshawar in 2007. Taj Kutub Khana is a well-known organization and got respect in the public for its remarkable work in Pashto and Persian.

Dr. Muhammad Din (1952-2003) the founder of Taj Kutub Khana was a well know religious scholar. He did his PhD in Islamic studies and wrote more than sixty books, of which many were awarded. His translation and interpretation of The Holy Quran named "Taleem-Ul-Quran" is very famous among the youth. He trained his children in publishing and made them capable of doing some outstanding work in their field.

Mr. Zia Uddin CEO of Taj Kutub Khana(son of Dr. Muhammad Din) acquired Taj Company along with his brothers being directors in 2007.

It was very difficult to revive after a crisis that longed for 2 decades. But with 24/7 hard work and Allah’s help the present management took practical steps and reproduced all calligraphies to cater the latest computerized technologies. And gave the products a new look and design which was really admired by the public. First three years were very hard to survive but by the grace of Almighty Allah, Taj Company has set on a new highway of progress.

Taj Company targeted small cities in its first go. Slowly and steadily Taj company established its lost image in the market. These days Taj Company is targeting its availability in the market. Every year Taj Company attends more than 8 international book fairs. Most of these book fairs are B2B. Some of them are listed as under.

          Tehran International Bookfair

          Abu-Dhabi International Book fair

          Sharjah International Book fair

          Frankfurt Book fair

          Karachi International Book fair

          Lahore International Book fair

Taj Company is heading towards acquiring its markets with a fast pace. Taj Company re-established its branches in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi,Gujranwala,Abbotabad,Multan and Peshawar. After establishing all these sites the company targeted Middle East and Afghanistan. In 2012 the company established its international office in sharjah(U.A.E).